Ability to include Athletics attendance on Student Profile Attendance tab

Student Profile - Attendance tab does not include attendance for Athletics. It includes Academics, Advisory and Activity attendance.
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  • Oct 6 2017
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  • Andrew Teets commented
    18 Dec, 2023 04:24pm

    Yes please - we cannot use the Attendance part of the new athletic profile because it doesn't include Athletics.

    Thank you!

  • Timothy Lance commented
    19 Sep, 2023 08:16pm

    We really need Athletic Attendance as part of the profile. Please rectify this!

  • Guest commented
    18 Sep, 2023 07:39pm

    Athletic absences really need to be tallied here- it makes it more difficult for me in my position as I have to search for the absence....

  • Lisa Oslowski commented
    31 Mar, 2022 05:25pm

    This is IMPORTANT. The functionality of the Team pages is wonderful but this disconnect makes no sense. Please consider ASAP.

  • Ginny Riley commented
    14 Jan, 2020 01:38pm

    Please make this happen! Would make things a lot easier.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb, 2019 02:44pm

    We really need this added. Currently, our attendance manager needs to go searching through reports to figure this out. Would you please correct this?

  • Jackie Nichols commented
    27 Apr, 2018 02:42pm

    Agree 100%--it's a huge piece of the puzzle and it would be great it the enhancement was put into place. 

  • Michelle Blayney commented
    19 Apr, 2018 06:28pm

    Ditto!! Incomplete attendance record on any individual student's profile is not helpful and needs to be corrected.

  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    16 Jan, 2018 02:45pm

    Agreed! Our Deans Office has been really confused about why the Athletic group absences are "missing" from the Attendance tab on the Student Profile. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.

  • Ana Meneses commented
    12 Oct, 2017 08:08pm

    This is definitely needed if a complete view of a student's attendance is desire. We have a rule where students cannot attend a game or practice if they are absent from school. With the current setup double checking to make sure there is compliance is difficult without being able to have a complete attendance view.