Add export to Excel for Medical Update Form

The Medical Update form is the only one of the school forms in onRecord that does not have a link to export to Excel. In order to track which parents have completed the form, we would like to be able to export to Excel.

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  • Oct 12 2017
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  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    22 Aug, 2020 01:02am

    Having to compile an Excel spreadsheet of some information submitted on a medical form has to be done by hand because it is not possible to export. This really must be fixed.

  • Carolynn Parisi commented
    4 May, 2020 07:18pm

    The Nurse role needs to be able to EXPORT medical form data - having to print out a multi page form for each student is ridiculous and very labor intensive, not to mention the amount of paper and toner it takes!!

  • Arjun Shah commented
    28 Aug, 2019 02:06pm

    Please add this, even if the only role that can export it is the nurse. This is time consuming because we have custom fields for the Medical Information and going through each form is ridiculously time consuming. 

  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2019 10:05pm

    I agree, if all the other forms have that option, medical should have the option as well. This is suppose to make our lives easier, but this one id making it more time consuming. 

  • Arjun Shah commented
    24 Apr, 2019 04:44pm

    I don't understand how all the other forms have this ability, but this one does not. It does not help us keep track of who has completed what for our nurses office and spending time to go through each record is ridiculously time consuming.