Ability to hand select students to pull info from in a list

Currently, you can pull lists based on set filters, however, we need a way to pull data on select groups of students that fall outside of the filters. For example, I want to create mailing labels for students in all of my AP classes. It would be helpful if when I run a list of all students, there was a check box next to each student's name in the list that you could hand select students and then just export those students' information. 

  • Amy Calhoun
  • Apr 18 2018
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  • Morgan Kunze commented
    23 Jun 12:20am

    Please please please. This checkbox function exists in EMS (although it's not tied to an export) - I cannot understand why it's not available in LMS/SIS. In EMS we use it for communication but the ability to export just the selected rows would be a game changer across multiple functions.

  • Guest commented
    4 Nov, 2021 08:12pm

    Please create a column where you are able to check a box next to constituent to create a list of just the checked. Thank you.

  • Terri Rodriguez commented
    10 Jun, 2020 04:38pm

    Amy, your list is good, but why does a teacher or any staff member need to create a query in order to get a simple list of student / parent information? This is a huge flaw in the Blackbaud SIS.

  • Guest commented
    9 May, 2018 02:41pm

    AMY CALHOUN, not sure my file posted correctly so trying again.

  • Guest commented
    9 May, 2018 02:37pm

    I think this is what you are asking.  I've created a list or ROSTER from which I can create mail labels for just my AP students.  My list may have more info than what you want to accomplish your goal b/c I like to see parent(mom&dad) info listed, but basically I've filtered for students in any of my AP courses. My list shows teacher name, course name, students in that course. My list also contains parent information flattened on one line (I like to see mom & dad info so I have it set to filter ROLE = parent, female for mom; male for dad).  For output options, I've chosen mail labels to print based on the student. I can print labels for individual student or household (parents).  I've attached how I built my list ... 

  • Jenny Campbell commented
    9 May, 2018 02:23pm

    I need this for nurse office, too! Sometimes I need to select a large group of kids with specific parameters that I want to send a letter to and there isn't away to include their address so that I can run a mail merge to print labels.

  • Jackie Nichols commented
    7 May, 2018 01:30pm


  • Lisa Saunders commented
    7 May, 2018 12:25pm

    This would be fantastic - I am always getting custom requests for random sets of kids.

  • Guest commented
    19 Apr, 2018 05:17pm

    THis would apply to all "sub cateagories" such as grade > then grade number (5, 8, 4K, etc) so that you don't get  all the students or all the parents and have to sort to drill down to what you need.

  • Susan Bradley commented
    18 Apr, 2018 02:43pm

    Definitely need this