The People finders across the board should all have the same information.

There is no way to see a student's files and forms for example to see a student's files and forms from Academics. Since we put external transcripts in in the student's files and you can only generate an official transcript from Academics where the Files and Forms tab is not available in People finder. It is a nightmare to have to check each student to see if they also have external transcripts

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  • Mar 15 2019
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  • Kristin Heard commented
    24 Mar, 2022 02:40pm

    It is not ideal for the registrar to have to hop back and forth between Core and Academics when dealing with all the new incoming kids. Can we have Files & Forms available right from Academics to prevent all this unnecessary jumping around?

  • LIsa Byrom commented
    7 Jun, 2019 09:55pm

    And you have to click through faculty - directory to view faculty and student schedules but you cannot see schedule when you view through academics or core or enrollment management.  Would also always like to be able to see Current Grade, not just grad year no matter which contact card you are looking at.