Customizable Pronoun Options

It's great that pronouns are now available on contact cards. However, we need more customizable options, or at least a blank box for those who don't want to use any of the three sets offered.

  • Tracy Dodge
  • Apr 8 2021
  • Implemented
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  • Laszlo Bardos commented
    22 Aug, 2023 03:32pm

    Please implement this "Other" pronoun field in a way that the user can enter their own pronoun. There is no way that an admin can keep up with all the options that our students use. xe/xem, ze/hir, she/they. And it would not be fair to put the burden on the student to request that their pronoun be added to some sort of "official" list.

  • Admin
    Jessica Walters commented
    6 Apr, 2023 05:50pm

    Hi there! While it's not possible to selectively turn off a field throughout the entire system, it is possible to hide the pronoun field for users who view My Profile under Core>Security>Profile access>View/edit profile fields. You'll need to set the radio button pronouns to the No column for each role.

    Over the next few years, we'll be working to bring the Profile access area to a more modern experience and will review whether it's feasible (from a programming perspective) to make changes like this in bulk for all roles, but that is not part of the Planned work for Idea 2468.

  • Anita Pinkerton commented
    14 Mar, 2023 07:25pm

    We need the pronouns field to be something we can completely turn off.

  • Anita Pinkerton commented
    14 Mar, 2023 06:52pm

    AND please create an option to completely delete the pronoun field in the system. We are FORCED to show it.

  • Admin
    Jessica Walters commented
    17 Nov, 2022 04:50pm

    Hi there! Thanks so much for your votes and comments. Adding customization to the Pronoun field is planned for the 2023 calendar year. I'm the Product Manager for Core, and I'll be looking through all ideas related to pronouns over the next couple of months, so I encourage you to vote and add ideas around this need. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!

  • Keith Meyers commented
    17 Nov, 2022 01:54pm

    Just like you can add/create a Gender, then associate a Pronoun, it should be an easy enough addition to enable to add/create customizable Pronouns tab. Each school in each region may have different needs. I hope they launch this feature soon to help make a more comfortable classroom environment.

  • Michelle Johnson commented
    23 May, 2022 10:09pm

    This is becoming more important with every passing day and I hope there is a better solution by the time school starts again in the fall. We are working closely with our students to honor their identity, but the options in BB are very limiting. Gender fluid student may change pronouns often and some students have very specific neopronouns. It would be great if we could edit the pronoun options, but if not, here are some additional suggestions to the standard three.



    any or all

    fluid or please ask

    pronouns not listed here

    Thank you!

  • Claire Broadway commented
    10 Feb, 2022 10:02pm

    I would like to add my vote to this, and ask for additional options that include:



    We have students that are comfortable with both and have asked their profiles to reflect this, but we are unable to honor their request because of the current limitations. Thanks!

  • Cheryl Costello commented
    28 Jan, 2022 03:09pm

    I know what I've been asked to create for our school, I'm sure each school has different needs. Having custom pronoun fields that admins can use would be great! Thank you!

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    25 Oct, 2021 01:05pm

    I see this is "planned". Any idea when we might see this happen? Thanks!

  • Jonathan Tepper commented
    9 Sep, 2021 04:43pm

    When this is planned please consider adding an additional fields. The second field would be for external reports where these systems require the born biological gender. Otherwise, I can see many organization using an Admin Only View field or a seperate list outside of Blackbaud to track this data.

  • Jon Gray commented
    2 Sep, 2021 11:58am

    We are discussing this as a school community, as well. One thing to be very aware of is that students may have different pronouns while at school and at home.

  • Christine Nichols commented
    25 Aug, 2021 04:26pm

    I would simply like an OTHER Option, where if the default ones don't work, then we could select "other". Having a space to enter what the person would like to use would be a bonus (much like a customizable field gives a space for entering data).

    Thank you for considering!

  • Oona McKnight commented
    23 Aug, 2021 11:56pm

    Hi Angela,

    In addition to the customizable options, please add Pronouns to the Applicant block on the Application! Currently I am using a text question (Affiliation) for that, but then it does not automatically pull into the Contact Card for that applicant, meaning that I need to manually make that update.

  • Ashley Marsico commented
    10 Aug, 2021 01:18pm

    If Admin could add a customize option that would be great! Some people use both She/They and He/They pronouns.

  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    23 Jun, 2021 07:28pm

    Thanks Angela! I totally understand about not wanting to add more hard-coded options. Making this field customizable would be great!

  • Angela Addison commented
    23 Jun, 2021 07:01pm

    Ah, ok got it. Let me talk with our team and see what we can do about adding customized pronoun values like gender. I hesitate to start adding hard-coded custom values like <Please ask me> because my gut is then we'll get a different flavor of specific values wanted by other schools and still not making everyone happy. So will investigate the option of customizing, sorry I missed that here! Will re-open as being considered. thanks!

  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    23 Jun, 2021 06:24pm

    We would like to add an option in the Pronoun drop-down for <Please ask me>. This seems like such a simple solution for students who aren't sure which pronouns they want to use, or for those who use any combination that is different than the standard three already available.

    It would be fantastic to make the drop-down list editable, but if that's not feasible, the <Please ask me> option seems like a good addition.

    Thanks for considering it!

  • Morgan Kunze commented
    2 Jun, 2021 04:22pm

    Thank you Angela - but I don't think that the decoupling actually gets to the issue raised in this thread. Although we are not required by the system to link a default pronoun to a gender, there are still only three pronoun options. We have students and staff who would prefer to be associated with pronoun sets not included here (ie. "he/they" or "ze/zir") and at this time there is no option for them to select or write in anything other than the three system options. It would be preferable to have this field, like the gender field, be totally customizable on the org side.

  • Angela Addison commented
    2 Jun, 2021 03:32pm

    Hi! we decoupled gender and pronoun in our last release so that it will, if you select a gender default to select the corresponding default pronoun but you can change it to any of the others now and you can also set it back to the select row for no selection. Hope that helps!

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