Add pronouns to the user name format.

When staff see a student name, they should also know their preferred pronouns. No point in gathering this data if they have to go hunting for it! For example:

Bob Smith '24 (he/him)

  • Petra Hall
  • Apr 13 2021
  • Under consideration
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  • Christopher Obenchain commented
    8 May 08:35pm
  • Regina Lewis commented
    8 Jan 10:29pm

    My comment was related to Enrollment Managment System Header, specifically, so pre-enrollment too.

  • Regina Lewis commented
    8 Jan 10:22pm

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I would like "pronouns" included in the hard formatted header so it is easily viewable for all without going to the contact card for each student. I agree with others comments to be able to turn off the inclusion for those school that wish to.

    Already in Header:

    Entering Year: 2024 - 2025

    Entering Grade: 2nd Grade - Lower School

    Current Age: 7 years, 3 months

    Current Grade: 1st Grade

    User Id: xxxx

    Add to Header:


  • Guest commented
    8 Aug, 2023 02:35pm

    This fantastic! I am glad it is something that cannot be turned off.

  • Anita Pinkerton commented
    15 Mar, 2023 05:37pm

    We also need the ability to completely remove pronouns from the system if we do not want/need them.

  • Guest commented
    19 Oct, 2021 09:29pm

    This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing it. BB, please implement this ASAP. Teachers are asking for this and students want this is be visible as well.

  • Kathleen Peak commented
    14 Apr, 2021 03:58pm

    This is a great idea. Should definitely be something that schools could turn on or off.