Diploma - Status indicator next to Requirement Group & Requirement

Have been impressed with the newly released diploma "module" so far. One thing I am missing from the EE version is a status indicator to the left of the Requirement Group and individual requirements titles. If I recall properly, in EE once any individual requirement was complete, a green check mark appeared next to it; a blue circle appeared if it was in progress, and a red x if it was yet planned. The same for the Requirement group.

These indicators made it very easy to quickly see what was happening.

Would be wonderful if they came back in K12.


  • Scott Chrysler
  • Sep 20 2021
  • Implemented
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    Stephen Boyle commented
    17 Nov, 2022 10:53pm

    These were recently added. You get a "x of y requirements complete" by the group. And you get Complete, On Track, In Progress or Not Started by the requirement.