Ability to use course title or course abbreviation without two separate columns in New Transcript Builder

The old transcript builder allows this either/or option if you need to display an abbreviation for select courses. The full course title prints on the transcript unless the course has an abbreviation title. The new builder forces the use of two columns for course titles to allow for a column of regular course titles and then a separate column for courses using an abbreviation. And, it is impossible to rename all courses with the abbreviation title as it only allows approximately 12 characters for the abbreviation. Please bring this feature that is available in the old transcript builder to the new builder.

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  • Sep 28 2021
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  • Pam Foster commented
    19 Oct, 2022 04:11pm

    Yes, please! This really became an issue when the school decided to start using Course Abbreviations on the transcript and added an abbreviation to every US course record. We then realized that Transfer Grades have their own abbreviation field on every single transfer grade entry, which was blank in 3 years of data/over 8000 transfer grades imported from the old system (Education Edge). We really needed the ability to show Abbreviation, else Course Title if Abbreviation is blank.