medical; tracking nurse care for faculty/staff

Schools want the ability to track medical information for faculty/staff.  

  • Julia Meseck
  • Nov 11 2015
  • Under consideration
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  • lauren marcus eisenberg commented
    6 Apr, 2022 07:29pm

    With COVID infections and tracking of COVID vaccination, this is more timely than every!

  • Scott Daniel commented
    23 Jan, 2020 10:55pm

    Nurse really wants this

  • caitlin marsh commented
    25 Nov, 2019 06:57pm

    yes this would be SO helpful. You need a record of everyone you treat, Also the ability to document medication administration. Its a great product but definitely is missing a must haves from a health room stand point 

  • Guest commented
    4 Apr, 2019 01:10pm

    Our nurses  care for everyone in the building at our school so it is very important to have a consistent and secure place to document the nursing care of staff and faculty.

  • Justin Medved commented
    19 Aug, 2018 11:52pm

    So important

  • Austin Ewachiw commented
    8 Nov, 2017 01:28pm

    Our Nurse keeps a paper inventory of Faculty conditions as she leans about them.  Having a place for Fac/Staff medical information could assist in emergent care.  Also being able to document medical care and medicine administration would be of great help.

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