Grade Categories: If 'Translate on Input' becomes checked AFTER a calculated value has been created: when UNCHECKING the same option, please PUT BACK the CALCULATED VALUE and not the NUMERIC EQUIVALENT

First, when checking the 'Translate on Input' button, a VERY BIG WARNING needs to tell you how many grades will be impacted.

Second, when UNDOING what ended up being a very unfortunate change, PLEASE put back the calculated values. They still exist under each grade plan. The numeric equivalent will be, in my opinion, almost never the desired value.

Third, as an afterthought: for our school, grades had been reviewed, which means that they were LOCKED. It makes no sense that I now have to UNREVIEW (or delete the review dates) to edit my grades, when the original mistake (clicking 'Translate on Input') did not care or warn that reviewed grades would be changed in the first place. The system changed them regardless.

  • Joe St.Clair
  • Apr 6 2022
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