Transcript - allow transfer school to appear on new transcript

We do not give credit for courses completed at other schools but include them on the official transcript. On the new builder it appears as if they were completed at our school. The old builder showed the appropriate school.

  • Pam Haney
  • Aug 31 2022
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  • Danielle Keeney commented
    1 Jun, 2023 04:26pm

    Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requires that we show the transfer grades on our upper school transcripts. With the old transcript builder, we did the following:

    1. In Core > People Finder, locate the student add the transfer school enrollment for each of the respective years with the correct school name.

    2. In Academics > Grades > Grades management > Enter grades by student, enter the transfer grades with a course title (free typed), course begin and end dates, transcript category of Transfer Grade, the Grade from the other school, 0 credits, and 0 GPA points (with it not being included in the GPA).

    It correctly pulled the grades with a heading of

    2020-2021 Grade: 9th Grade <Name of other school>

    on the old transcripts with the listing of courses, the final grade as entered, and 0 credits.

    On the new transcripts, it does not pull the transfer grades correctly. Without adjusting our process (#1 and #2 above), it doesn't show the school years with the transfer grades at all. Only the school years in which the child is enrolled at our school show for the student.

    I followed the steps in the KB article modifying one of the student's grades. I assigned an equivalent course to the transfer grade (the equiv course does have a proper grade plan associated with it). The new transcript preview now showed the header for that school year, but it showed OUR name instead of the transfer school. And, no grades showed in that grouping. The transcript builder has the course section set to show "both internal courses and transfer courses from outside schools" and the grade column for the final grade is set to "all grades."

  • LIsa Byrom commented
    8 Nov, 2022 04:51pm

    You can do this by enrolling them at the transfer school in core and then add the course they took there as a transfer course. It is a pain that you cannot add it all on one screen though like you could in education edge.