Attendance - Need to be able to delete

As attendance manager, we should be able to delete attendance therefore not having a record for a day. The issue is that if attendance exists, including attended class attendance, a special day schedule cannot be set. I need to be able to globally delete attendance as I was in Education Edge in order to set a special schedule.
  • Courtney Dowdy
  • Jul 22 2015
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  • Pam Foster commented
    2 Feb, 2022 06:25pm

    I meant to note, the instructions for 'To edit multiple entries for a single student' in Knowledgebase solution 107883 do not work for me. I do not see the option 'Attended Class' (or Present) in the list of reasons even though that is in our Attendance Setup for Attendance Categories. I had to follow the steps from 'To edit single entries for a single student' in that solution and repeat the steps for each attendance entry.

  • Pam Foster commented
    2 Feb, 2022 05:49pm

    The ability to globally delete attendance for a specific student and a specific date range would be very helpful. If a student goes on leave of absence but isn't removed from classes (and teachers keep entering an absence for the student without mentioning it), those absent attendance entries can pile up. It is a lot of manual work to remove those invalid absence entries from the student.

  • Guest commented
    7 Sep, 2018 02:12pm

    Although the attendance can't be globally removed we can clear the attendance section by section to unlock the calendar. 

    Here is a link to a KB article that explains how step by step! 

  • Eleanor Page commented
    8 Feb, 2016 01:47pm

    This becomes a big issue for us when we have an unexpected school closing (i.e. snow day).  Inevitably an enthusiastic teacher forgets that they should not take attendance and goes in and clicks the checkbox for "Class Cancelled". As a result, that day's schedule is locked until the Blackbaud data team can remove the attendance record(s).  Please give us the ability to remove these attendance records ourselves so that we do not have to rely on Blackbaud in this situation.

  • Stanley Golanka commented
    20 Jan, 2016 09:52pm

    To follow up on this post and Christine's comment, the attendance system needs more flexibility.  We should be able to delete attendance when a problem is discovered, and we should be able to add schedules/special days/etc to past dates regardless of the status of attendance after that date. Managing attendance should be 100% in the hands of the school.

  • Christine Nichols commented
    7 Dec, 2015 06:10pm

    With this in mind, additionally, having the ability to LOCK attendance so that you can edit the schedule would be especially helpful.  We recently had an issue where we missed a special day but couldn't modify it because school had started for the day and teachers kept taking attendance even though they were asked not to.  Being able to lock, then clear, then setup the special schedule would be tremendously beneficial.

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