Add the ability to choose Semester 2 in Scheduling under Classes list

Our study halls are affected by one-semester long courses. It would be helpful to be able to easily view study hall enrollments for the 2nd Semester under Classes list as you can for the 1st Semester.

  • Maria Haering
  • Feb 15 2023
  • Already exists
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  • Maria Haering commented
    22 Feb 12:31pm

    Hi Jacqueline, that suggestion does not work. I am able to see the class/study hall, but the number enrolled is pulling from the 1st Sem and not the 2nd Sem. The students do not necessarily take a study hall all-year long, but some do. Therefore, we set them up for both scenarios. Interesting enough that when I do the Start Term as 1st Semester and the Term is 2nd Semester, neither the teacher's name nor the number enrolled appear.

  • Admin
    Jacqueline Koca commented
    22 Feb 02:43am

    This should already be possible, but if the two options below don't provide what you need, please add some additional comments so we can have documented what is missing and update the idea!

    There are two filters options available for terms for the Classes list. Under Filters, you can filter by Start term or by Term. Start Term will narrow the list to only those class sections that start in 2nd Semester. The Term option will narrow the list down to all classes that occur in 2nd semester, regardless of when they started. The Number Enrolled column should show a value for single term classes for any of the terms.