New "Student attendance statuses list" needs more robust Filter/Export

This [new] feature is OK, but not particularly helpful. As with all such lists, the filters are inadequate, which, because they are not general purpose [a la EE queries, e.g.], they're bound to be not right for some users.

This would be OK if the list could be EXPORTED. That way, one could use Excel or something like it to find the precise information you want.

  • john ronan
  • May 31 2023
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  • john ronan commented
    31 May, 2023 07:59pm

    I was thinking of the following as some useful filter features.

    • Choose any subset of statuses for any of the current, previous, or next obligatoin

    • grad year

    • Any Admind-view Custom Field. [this would open it up enormously] It'd be helpful if this were a column too.

    • Class [we'd like to be able to filter out our "lunch" classes]

    • Course Code

    • Department. [particularly non-academic. we use these to further define and group our courses]

    Anyone else?


  • Admin
    Jacqueline Koca commented
    31 May, 2023 06:31pm

    Hi John! We are planning to add an export option, but would also love to know what filters you would find the most valuable as we knew this would just be V1 of the list. Thank you!