Allow repeat courses to satisfy credit requirements under diploma.

Our art requirement is more than 1 credit, however, students who take orchestra or a course of that nature multiple times satisfy that requirement according to our policy (and I'm sure other schools as well). There should be a way to allow some courses to count for repeat credit (in reality likely all courses - if a course wouldn't satisfy a requirement I feel like that would be taken care of in the scheduling process on a human level).

  • Ben Taylor
  • Jun 20 2023
  • Implemented
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  • Ben Taylor commented
    8 Nov, 2023 03:30pm

    A note here. This feature was added, but I think an unintended remaining issue is that after a requirement has grabbed a course, and the graduation requirement has been fulfilled, any additional instances of the course no longer show up under "additional courses." Because we require that students distribute courses over particular grade levels in some cases this is a bit of a problem for us. We either need all instances of a course to show up somehow, or better yet to be able to attach grade levels to requirements.