View-only Access for Parents

Families are complex, and schools need to accommodate them. Sometimes only one parent should have the ability to sign for their child. Unchecking the "Responsible signer" box only locks them out of contracts.

There needs to be a way to lock them out of signing forms (and any other permissions, such as applications) without stopping them from viewing student progress, schedule, &etc.

This would also be useful for families where other family members (such as grandparents) have been given permission to view student progress, even if they are not the legal guardians.

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  • Sep 20 2023
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  • Morgan Kunze commented
    22 Sep 07:48pm

    I think this is a really intriguing idea - a relationship that is "observer" or similar. It would be challenging to determine what they should see, though - medical info? day schedule? I guess I'm trying to understand who the person is in a student's life who has access to their schedule/progress/(view)forms/medical and personal info, but who can't sign a permission slip. I recognize the correctness of your comment - families are complex!