Course Roster - By Teacher Report needs to be updated

When an admin runs the Course Roster - By Teacher Report, data displays twice. The report, Course Roster, displays the same info but does not duplicate any data. The Course Roster report is an embedded report only available to teachers. Can the Course Roster report be accessible to Admin? Or can the Course Roster - By Teacher Report be modified/updated to not duplicate any data?


  • Ashley Wiley
  • Oct 16 2023
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  • Guest commented
    17 Oct, 2023 02:25pm

    I agree with Amanda. It is so difficult to get a roster of just the student name and grad year. It is really helpful for substitute teachers to use for attendance.

  • Amanda Killen commented
    17 Oct, 2023 02:11pm

    I agree with the comment below that a simple Course/Section roster with student name and grad year would be SO helpful!

  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    17 Oct, 2023 01:58pm

    When I run the Course Roster - By Teacher report, I get double entries for those students who have two parents, since the report includes the parents' names and home phone numbers. I have two suggestions for this report:

    1. Most of our families no longer have a Home phone, so this report would be more useful if it listed each parent's Wireless number instead.

    2. We often need a clean, succinct list of just the students in a class (without additional advisor or parent info). Could you create a course roster by teacher that lists JUST the student names and grade/grad year? This would be SUPER helpful!!!

    We tell our teachers to run the Manual Attendance Sheet report from their class pages in order to get a simple list of students in a class. It would be really helpful to have a report that produces a basic, clean list of just student names in a given class.

    Thanks for considering!