Course Requests Prerequisites: Add "either/or" Full credit received options

We have some courses (for example, Strength & Fitness 1) where a student can either take it for a full year and receive 1 credit, or can take it for a semester and receive 0.5 credit, and possibly a second time and receive another 0.5 credit. Since these the same basic classes but with different credits, they are set up as different courses in Blackbaud.

As a prerequisite for Strength & Fitness 2, a student must have earned a total of 1 credit in S&F 1, whether that was by taking the yearlong course or by earning 0.5 credit two times. This could be in completely separate grades (for example, earning 0.5 grade 9 and earning 0.5 in grade 11).

Currently, there's not a way to set the Course Requests Prerequisites for this. It would be nice to have an "either/or" option for Prerequisites... either a student received full credit for the yearlong S&F 1 class (1.0 credit), or the student earned full credit for two of the semester-long S&F 1 classes (0.5 credits each). We're managing this manually when planning student schedules but it would be helpful to have this option.

  • Erin Caprielian
  • Feb 16 2024
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