Allow students to request teachers when requesting courses

Students could request a teacher for a course.  Master schedule would accommodate the teacher requests.

  • Kathy Finney
  • Feb 8 2016
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  • Cindy Wanie commented
    April 16, 2018 17:21

    I don't want the option for students to be able to request a teacher but I as the person making the schedule should be able to request a specific teacher for a student as well as the ability to not allow a specific student to have a certain teacher. In Education Edge we had the ability to do both.

  • Todd Frost commented
    May 22, 2018 17:59

    This is an important feature that we used a lot in Education Edge.  It would be nice to be able to have specific teacher requests for certain students.  I agree with Cindy that I don't want students to have this ability, but I as the administrator should be able to request a specific teacher or a specific section of the course.

  • Guest commented
    June 22, 2018 18:45

    we don't allow teachers to request certain students, but I could use this functionalithy for the Division Heads (Upper School and Middle School) to request teachers for students. I agree that the other functionality should be not to allow a specific student to hafe a certain teacher (for example a son to have his father for a teacher

  • Elaine Mouton commented
    August 22, 2019 14:09

    I agree, we want administrators to be able to set a "do not schedule with this teacher" option as well as the ability to choose the teacher before scheduling.  We really relied on this in EE.