Simplify changing Homeroom absences into Daily Absenses

Currently an attendance manager (AM) must create a new absence entry for a student who has been reported absent in Homeroom (our first period of the day) if he/she wants to have it recorded for all other classes for that student (so the teachers will know by looking at their attendance list that the student is absent for the day.)  

Once the AM confirms the student is absent, there should be an option for him/her to click a link associated with the entry on the Student Attendance page that would open the Record Absence Modal window and pre-populate the date and the student.  The AM can then enter the Attendance Type, times and comments where needed.  This would remove the need for creating an absentee list, opening the Record Absence form, searching for the student name(s) and populating the date fields.

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  • Mar 18 2016
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  • Bev Byrd commented
    16 Aug, 2018 01:28pm

    Attendance and the attendance reports are HORRIBLE!!

  • Guest commented
    5 Oct, 2017 04:02pm

    So we have Homeroom as an advisory which is the of record class.  We then need to print a report of who was marked absent and then re-enter them so that they show in the class lists.  Ideally, these absences from the homeroom advisory would auto-populate to the rest of the school day, but if not automatic, maybe a button on the dashboard to carry out this process manually, or if not that, maybe within the bulk "record Absences" from the onRecord dashboard, you could add a lookup criteria of date and absent types (such as "Absent - No Excuse").  You could then bring up all the students in "Advisories" on a certain date "Today" with the absent type of "Absent - No Excuse" and it would bring up all those students.  You would need to also be able to either search for the names of the advisories (such as "Homeroom") or include the time of the section as well, or just make the section selection multi-selectable so you know you only have the homerooms.  Then you could simply select all and re-mark them as absent for the day so it goes into the classes.

  • Janet Griffin commented
    1 May, 2017 03:46pm

    I like that idea for those of us that use daily attendance, but would really like if doing period attendance, that you can still designate one "period" that is the attendance of record that shows on report card so that all those period absences don't show which makes it look like the student basically doesn't come to school!  

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