Attendance View for Parents based on Attendance of Record

In our Middle School we have selected one course to be the one with the daily Attendance of Record -but allow teachers to take attendance for individual classes. We would like to allow parents to view attendance - but ONLY for the attendance of record.  We had to shut off attendance for parents because they were questioning teachers about tardies or absences that occurred during the day. 

  • Candace Chesler
  • Mar 30 2016
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  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    26 Mar, 2019 03:15am

    On a related note, we take attendance by class.  However, you establish the absence reasons in setup, you get to choose whether the reason counts or does not count for the day equivalency.  This is what allow a student who misses a day of 7 periods for "sickness" to count as 7 class absences and a daily equivalent of 1 whereas a student who misses a day of 7 periods for "field trip" to count as 7 class absence and daily equivalent of 0.  On the absence summary displayed to parents, it is really the daily equivalent that we would like to show them rather than the classes missed.  The classes missed doesn't tell the story of attendance accurately to parents. 

  • Guest commented
    8 Jan, 2019 05:09pm

    This would be helpful on many levels!