Ability to prevent transcript printing for Students with a financial hold

We want to block access to transcripts if students have a financial hold on their record. Our college office should not be able to print their transcripts, and only the business office can clear the restriction so that transcripts can be printed when the hold is cleared.

  • Erica Bryant
  • Jun 14 2016
  • Implemented
  • Jul 29, 2021

    Admin response

    This functionality is available in the new Holds feature which replaced the previous exclusions in July 2021.

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  • Linda Lutes commented
    4 Sep, 2019 06:27pm

    We would like the block to be the same as it was in EE. If the Academic or College Counseling office tried to print we would get a message. We had the ability to overide and print if needed. 

  • Kyle Collins commented
    8 Aug, 2019 02:17pm

    We would like for this to be able to be linked to Billing management.  When the business office places a student on hold, I would like that to trigger the hold status for the grades and transcripts

  • Linda Lutes commented
    30 Apr, 2019 06:29pm

    We definitely want to have a way for our employees to get a warning of some sort that a student is on hold and should not have their transcript/grades sent! The old system gave us a way to override the block, which was good.

  • Kate Harden commented
    18 Jan, 2019 05:36pm

    Agree! We'd like all transcripts, report cards, and gradebooks to be inacessible to faculty and staff when students have a recorded exclusion. 

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    28 Aug, 2018 09:39pm

    Putting an exclusion/hold on a student transcript does disable the transcript link for the student, but unfortunately there is no indicator to school staff that are sending out these transcripts.  Unless they manually check the exclusion area of onRecord, there is no visual indication to them that a transcript is NOT to be sent out because the student owes tuition or some other infraction.  Ideally, we would like the hold to also block staff from printing the transcript.  Ideally, there would be a way to override this in special circumstances, but the current setup makes it very likely that a blocked transcript will be sent out in error.

  • Guest commented
    14 Nov, 2016 03:52pm

    We would like the ability to block transcripts, report cards AND access to grades for students on financial hold.  Students and parents should also see a message in their portal saying the

    report card is on financial hold so they call the Business Department not IT.  Agree this should not be a platform manager role.

  • Gregg commented
    14 Nov, 2016 01:58pm

    We'd like to see this go a step farther and block access to all grades.  It would be preferable to have this not be a platform manager role as well.