Include Notes on a Medical Work List

I would like to be able include the Notes from the Nurse's Office to be exported into a Medical Work List. Currently it is not an available option within Medical Work Lists. It is just as secure as any of the other information such as Visits, Allergies etc which is also available to be pulled into that Work List.

  • Jamie Hardy
  • Jan 26 2017
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  • Julie Farr commented
    16 May, 2019 02:49pm

    Would also like these to be an OPTION in printing the medical card!

  • Dawn Rossi commented
    28 Dec, 2018 08:32pm

    We've also been running into trouble because the "Medical Worklist" report lists each student on a separate row. All students are listed, even if they don't have an allergy or condition. If they do have an allergy or condition, each allergy or condition is listed in a separate column. (3 allergies = 3 separate columns.) Then down the line, there's another column for medications. Let's say the student needs an epi-pen for one allergy only, the medication column says epi-pen, but there's no way to tell which allergy the epi-pen is associated with unless you login and look in the Nurse's office area at each of the allergies for that student.

    By contrast the "Student Allergy Condition Worklist" is set-up with each allergy or condition on a separate row, so this same student would appear on 3 rows and the only students who appear on this report are those who have an allergy or condition. On this report, there is no option to have medications appear, so there's no way to tell which allergies have an epi-pen or if the student has an epi-pen at all.

    Due to the different way the reports are structured and the medication not being tied in with the appropriate allergy, we can't write an Excel formula to merge the reports together. The only way for us to get the information we need in one report is to manually put the information together, which is not only extremely time consuming, but also opens up the possibility for human error, which is unacceptable when the medical health and safety of students is at stake.

    Thank you for any efforts in this area and please provide an update as to when improvements will be implemented.

  • Dawn Rossi commented
    23 Dec, 2018 02:44pm

    Is there an estimated completion date for this? We are currently downloading and then merging data from our "Medical Work List" and "Student Medical Allergy and Condition List" in order to get the notes we need that are associated with allergies and conditions. It's very time consuming, especially because one list includes all current students and the other list only includes students with an allergy or condition. Thank you!

  • Julie Farr commented
    2 Nov, 2017 11:53pm

    Totally agree - very important to include these!  In addition, it is VERY confusing because NOTES are included as a column on several lists - but they are not these Notes - in Conditions, it's Condition's notes, in Visit's they are visit notes. Please make your field name unambiguous!

  • Elaine Bregman commented
    16 Oct, 2017 08:25pm

    It is important to be able to create a list that includes notes for allergies, conditions and medications. 

  • Vincent Jurgens commented
    5 Sep, 2017 04:32pm

    Really, any and all critical fields need to be available, such as Signs of a Reaction, dosage. There is life critical info inserted in these fields.

  • Lou Oswald commented
    7 Apr, 2017 07:27pm

    Could you please add Medical Notes to the Medical Work list.  Thank you. L. Oswald