We would like to be able to removed Past Students from Rank.

Currently Past Students cannot be removed from Class Rank calculations.  We would like an option (check box?) to include or remove Past Students, as the school policy dictates.

  • Jeannie Buller
  • Feb 22 2017
  • Implemented
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  • Admin
    Michael Morrissette commented
    5 Dec, 2023 01:02pm

    Morning Folks -

    With today's release, this is now possible! A checkbox has been added that will exclude users with the role of Past Student from the Rank Calculation. To have this take effect, simple mark the checkbox in the Rank settings > Save > Run the calculation.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


  • Angelia Johnson commented
    21 Feb, 2020 04:07pm

    This really is a problem for us.  Withdrawn students.. who have left before the school year began or have withdrawn during the year are currently included in the Class Rank.  There needs to be a checkbox to include withdrawn students upon calculation...only if wanted. 

  • Trish McCraven commented
    17 Jan, 2020 03:49pm

    It is imperative that we have control over the students included in the rank total, or, at the least, be able to edit the "Out of" total ourselves...not have to export to Word and edit every single transcript.

  • Guest commented
    15 Jan, 2020 10:16pm

    I cannot believe an educational software company would allow this misrepresentation of class ranking to exist.  This needs to be addressed immediately.

  • Beth Herr commented
    7 Dec, 2019 05:37pm

    Yes absolutely needs to be fixed. 

  • Brad Spencer commented
    7 Dec, 2019 03:49pm

    Ditto! This needs to be corrected.

  • Lynnette Zimmerli commented
    8 Oct, 2019 08:22pm

    This is  a total misrepresentation on transcripts. We can't even manually fix it...


  • Chris Goolsby commented
    18 Dec, 2018 07:10pm

    Without this proposed option, the class rank that is used on the transcript is inaccurate and is especially a problem for high school juniors and seniors seeking college acceptance.