Be able to edit the application to make questions more clear.

Some of the questions on the application are very confusing. We have numerous parents making the same mistake on the application. For example "Annual Tuition Contributions" and a below that "Household," many parents do not understand that the application is asking for how much they can afford. A lot of parent put in their annual income. Another example is "Type of Dwelling" which if a parent owns an apartment, condo, or townhome these by definition are multi-dwelling (Webster dictionary define of multi dwelling: a residential structure to house three or more families). It should not be assumed that if a parent marks multi under Type of Dwelling that they receive rental income and therefore need to provide a Schedule E. This causes a great deal of frustration. Why not simply ask "do you receive rental income?"

  • Stephanie Allen
  • May 28 2021
  • Under consideration
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