School is looking for a simpler process for parents to make choices from when they select Shopping Cart fees

SA would like to be able to include options within a Shopping Cart fee.

Example: "Holiday Challah-Raisin" Shopping Cart Fee - this fee could have multiple options to choose from for Holiday Challah.  
School does not want to have to create a new fee for each option of Holiday Challah.  They would like to see an additional feature allowing for available options within a specific fee.


SA advised they used a program called Diamond-mind Forms to perform this process in the past and is looking for a similar system within Smart.

Another example of what the school offers is related to Salami:
Salami can come with a bulky roll or multigrain roll, etc.  SA wants to be able to create one fee with a drop down menu or toggle of options within that Shopping Cart fee.  Prices may differ as well, so SA would like to be able to have the options and price differences within the same Shopping Cart Fee for parents to choose from.

  • Michelle Corbin
  • Oct 8 2018
  • Under consideration
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