For admins to have the ability to manipulate past month billing BUT with a pop up warning message or alert regarding the changes they are about to make that may affect reporting.

Schools call in a lot to have us adjust past month billing for them. For some schools who are not accounting or reports heavy, it is completely okay if they do so. For some schools who are strict with their billing reports and need to have their billing tied to their GL when downloading reports, it is never advisable for them to do so but most schools still do call us demanding we make the billing changes despite our warnings against it.   


Since we are moving towards a place where we are giving the school admins the ability to do things and manage their Smart Tuition accounts on their own, we need to give them the ability to manipulate past month billing now as well.  


However, we need to put safeguards in place for them should they decide to do so. 


Suggestion would be in the Day 1 settings on the school.  They need to mark off the reports that they use to download to their GL and if such reports are marked off, they either cannot have the ability to manipulate past months .. or when still changing past month billing information, before they continue to save their changes .. a pop up alert will appear advising them of the potential issues for manipulating past data that they have to click YES I AM AWARE .. or NO - DO NOT COMPLETE CHANGES. 


This now places the responsibility on the hands of the school for any billing changes in the past month and not on Blackbaud Smart Tuition. 

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  • Aug 19 2019
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