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Statements generated even with credit balance Merged

When there is a credit balance, the system will not generate a statement or billing summary. This is frustrating when we need to send a credit memo or a confirmation of credit applied to the account. Often parents don't even realize that there was a credit amount on the account until their student spends it all down - which makes it very difficult for the parents to track their spending until it's too late.  Even if they do, they often assume that their students are simply not spending any money, i.e. not charging incidentals to the account.
This has been a common complaint from so many of other parents. Every company that bills them, e.g. electric company, gas company, phone company, you get the idea, can send out a statement that has the credit balance at the start of the billing period, charges made for the billing period, and the ending credit balance at the end of the billing period.  
For example, I just entered a discount to refund a charge that has already been processed. I wanted to send them an updated monthly statement so that 1) they will be notified of the credit that has been issued AND 2) see how much credit balance there is. However, I could not even generate a billing summary that shows the credit transaction. Of course, I can send them a separate email to tell them all of this - but then how is Smart Tuition making our process smoother?
Please think back to, say, your cell phone bill. When they issue a credit, do you get a statement balance? I sure do. As I spend down my credit balance, they still send me a monthly statement to let me know what the new charges are and how much credit is left. This is a basic service ALL companies offer to their customers. 
Thank you for considering.
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  • Feb 14 2018
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