Updates to Invoice Due Date and Late Fees

Good Afternoon

I have had several requests over the last few years to review the way we create our monthly invoices. Thre are 2 aspects that have been requested for review. The two aspects are the due dates for past due amounts, and how we present the late fees.

Currently the late fee, (Smart only, Smart and a School portion, or School portion alone) is shown, as being added to the total due amount,if they are late, on a current statement.

Schools are asking that the late fee be lined itemed.the ask to break out the amount of amount of the late fee from the past due balance.i Currently this amount is lumped in with the total past due amount. In order to determine the late fee, you have to do math every time. One would need to have the last invoice, and subtract the current balance from the amount due should payment be made late.

The other issue is around the due dates. The current process is to send out an an invoice email, (PDF of Invoice matches) each month, we provide the total due by the next due date. When an account is current, this is not an issue. However, when there is a past due balance, we essentially tell a payer , that it is ok to pay their total balance with the next installment. This takes away the ability for schools to argue that the past due balance is due now, as payers show our admins that the bill says it all due by the next due date. We should be breaking out the past due amount with an upon receipt due date, and the current charges due on the next due date.

  • Michael Zuchowski
  • Mar 1 2021
  • Under consideration
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