Tuition Plan 70 30

There should be a payment plan that takes out deposit and then breaks the tuition 70% due in July and 30% in December.

  • mary ives
  • Mar 25 2021
  • Under consideration
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  • Petra Hall commented
    14 Aug, 2023 01:52pm

    This idea also relates to requests to allow a dollar amount installment in the payment plan. Something like:

    Installment 1: $500

    Installment 2: 70%

    Installment 3: 30%

    Where installments by percentage would take the total, subtract any dollar amount installments, then divide the rest.

    However, it would be nice to also have the option where, if installment N is a dollar amount, the percentage installments would divide the total, and then the N+1 installments would subtract the dollar amounts of N from their amounts owed. (Overages would have to carry forward to N+2.)