Cross year Payment Posting

Good Afternoon,

I would like to submit an enhancement request around payment posting logic. As more and more schools have overlapping years, more and more payments are not always ending up where the payer intended them to be.

The current process requires a payer to navigate between years to make multiple payments, or send in two check, in two envelopes, or 2 wires, in order to make payment in the overlapping sessions. This is not a great experience for the payers, and is causing increased frustration with payers, and our school admins alike.

Are we able to enhance the posting logic to see all available accounts for a family, and apply the payment to the oldest balance first? It may not be possible at the time the payment is applied. I was thinkin perhaps the remediation of the payment, could happen during the payment allocation process. Perhaps the logic can be updated to review all academic years associated with the family ID, or maybe one year in each direction to the one the payment is applied too. if the process sees no balance backwards, it allocates to the current year. If there is a balance backwards the process moves the payment or a portion of the payment to pay off the old year. Similar logic would be used if the payment was applied in the old year, if the past year is zero, and a credit in the current year, the amount of the credit would roll to the new year, if there is an account. If no future account, then the payment remains. This would be similar to what happens now with check payments on paid off years, where the process moves it forward to the new year if there is an existing account .

** We would some need to exclude payments that come in from enrolled with Smart, and Enrollment Management .

Thank you for your consideration.

  • Michael Zuchowski
  • May 20 2021
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  • Ashley Kuha commented
    22 Mar 01:56pm

    It would also be beneficial to have a toggle added when the current school year is "done" so that if payments are posted to any other session but that one, the school is notified (report with 'upon activity functionality' or open note posted to the account, for example)

  • Guest commented
    20 May, 2021 06:44pm

    Good idea Michael!