Static Report Enahancement

Good Afternoon,

I would like to request an enhancement to the Enrollment Updates report located in Premium . Reports- Static Reports- Enrollment Update.

The enhancement would be to generate when a new student is added into Tuition Management. Currently the report follows the legacy logic of new family into Tuition Management . With the Enrollment Management contract integration, we need to be able to get notified of when new students are added to already enrolled accounts, so we can add billing and update payment plans etc.

I did test this, and when I added a student to my account yesterday, I had to run the report as of Sept 1 2020 to see my new student added, with the install date of October. We should be able to use this report to see who was enrolled on any day, regardless if a new family or a new student to an existing family.

Thank you for you review.


  • Michael Zuchowski
  • May 26 2021
  • Already exists
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