Integration enhancement from Tuition Management to Financial Edge Accounts Payable

Good Afternoon ,

Over the past several weeks it has been brought forward that we seem to have a gap between Tuition Management (Smart) and Financial Edge Accounts Payable (FE AP). The frustration is stemming from the amount of manual effort is needed to refund over payments in TM out of FE AP, and then posting the Refund Fee back in TM to close out the account in TM.

The step as I understand them are:

Pull a file out of TM with Payer Name- Address- Phone and Email-Credit amount.

These then need to be entered into FE AP. It seems that import process into FE AP is a bit clunky, and folks seem to find it faster to create the client in FE AP one at a time (I am hoping for some first hand feedback on this from Clients who complete this process in the comments section below)

Then once the Clients are created, and any errors are resolved, the checks can be cut.

Once the checks are cut, the fee needs to be entered back into TM.

The challenge in TM becomes, Is the current month available, if so, can we import using the self service tool? In this case, July can be available but if the due date is the first. The client needs to reach out to Support to have the file imported.

If the current month is not open, the client would either reach out to support, to extend payment sessions, so plans can be extended and the billing can be imported. Or ask Support to assist with the process start to finish.

I may have simplified this a bit, but in perfect world, when a client is on a full product suite with Blackbaud, I am hoping that we can look at way to simplify this process start to finish.

Thank you


  • Michael Zuchowski
  • Jul 8 2021
  • Under consideration
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  • Yvette Jones-Bishop commented
    21 Jul, 2021 01:58pm

    This enhancement is a great idea.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jul, 2021 12:27pm

    This would be an extremely helpful enhancement. A seamless feed should be able to be accomplished. I am aware of another billing system that does this with ease and it is between their software and an outside (different vendor) system.

  • Karen ortiz commented
    9 Jul, 2021 05:16pm

    This is truly a cumbersome process. One option would be to allow refunds processed by smart tuition.