Invoices & Past Due Reminders should reference both the school website payment tile to Tuition Management, not just the parent website

Many schools are utilizing the SSO feature within Enrollment Management, but parents are seeing the parent website notated at the bottom of the invoices and Past Due Reminders, so they are going to the website to make their payment, which breaks the SSO link. For schools that are using SSO, there should be a setting within Tuition Management that can be turned on, which would allow a different version of the invoice and Past due reminders to generate for those families. The setting would turn on a different version of an invoice in the background, which would have new language that deters them from breaking the SSO link.

An example of that could be, “Payments can be made quickly and securely through your Smart online account. IF YOUR SCHOOL USES SINGE SIGN ON, YOU CAN ACCESS THE TUITION MANAGEMENT TILE FROM YOUR SCHOOL WEBSITE WITHIN THE RESOURCE BOARD, or payments can be made over the phone at (888) 868-8828.”

  • Ashley Kuha
  • Nov 3 2021
  • Under consideration
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  • Staci Smith commented
    9 May 04:33pm

    Agreed and where the invoice says: "Reminder: Payments can be made quickly and easily on the web or over the phone." Please reference the website (or Parent Resource Board for SSO) and phone number to pay through. That is what would make it "easily". Not them having to figure out what the web and phone info is. Currently, we post those details under the school message, but are wasting the opportunity to put any other messages there.

  • Michele Doran commented
    13 Dec, 2023 07:15pm

    I just chatted with customer service and it seems to be an issue with everyone who is trying to stream line parents into a SSO... Please make this change a priority since I think the SSO should not have been implemented with this smart tuition bug unresolved.

  • Cathy Owens commented
    27 Nov, 2023 03:14am

    I could not agree more with this change. The current invoice reminder sends families to the Smart Tuition website. If they try to establish a password on the Smart Tuition/TM website they will break the SSO and this will create more issues in the future.

  • Melissa Jenkins commented
    12 Nov, 2021 01:44pm

    I'm not sure what we're voting on here. We've only ever had SSO and parents make their payments through our resource board and never anywhere else.