Smart Tuition Invoices

Invoice layout should have school name and address not just the new logo option. Having the Blackbaud name and address is good for parents who send payments to Blackbaud but most of my parents are on auto debit. However, parents still need to upload invoices to get reimbursed from their FSA or to submit for scholarship programs who need to verify tuition and fees before reimbursement.

Also, invoice details should have full name of student, First and Last Name, not just first name. Often parent's last name is not the same as students. We have parents applying for scholarships through state and they need details currently not provided on your standard invoice.

Currently, I had Blackbaud customize my invoice in other fields to insert our address. I also have to put student's full name under first name so it will display on invoice. Not great solutions.

  • Donna DesRuisseaux
  • Feb 16 2022
  • Under consideration
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