Tuition Fee should display in the tuition line on the invoice

Currently on the invoice of a tuition fee account, the "Tuition" line is $0.00 and the tuition fee displays under the "Fee" section.

The school cannot remove the standard tuition line from the invoice, and the tuition fee is designed to replace the tuition line on the families billing detail and account so it should also show as the "Tuition" line amount on the invoice.

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  • Feb 22 2022
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  • Kimberly Losch commented
    8 Mar, 2023 06:34pm

    It would be great if a summary of the billing descriptions for the invoice (shown on page 3) would show on the email sent to parents. I have a lot of calls asking about what the invoice is for each month. I don't think parents realize they have to download the invoice and scroll to page 3. Another time saver would be to include the details of billing that I type in when billing. Example might be "first installment fee for IQ trip to England", if this fee is broken down into 4 installments the parent thinks we are charging the fee 4 times, even though our division directors send the parent notices about the fee and how it will show on their BBTM account. Parents don't read ALL the emails is really the problem, in my opinion.

  • Guest commented
    8 Aug, 2022 07:13pm

    If the tuition as a fee cannot show up under the tuition line, then at the least a school should be able to request to have the tuition line removed from the invoices. I've received questions on this as my invoices went out. It is not the parent's job to understand how the fees work behind the scenes.

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    25 Jul, 2022 08:32pm

    I've also subscribed to this idea since it would be a positive change for my school. We are not able to use the "Standard Tuition" and must use "Tuition as a Fee" because we need to map each tuition type to a different GL account.

  • Guest commented
    22 Feb, 2022 05:22pm

    This change would make the invoices easier to understand.