When editing transcipt template, design form, edit details, format school year there are several formats, but we want a different combination of fields - we should be able to choose the fields from the list rather than only having access to the combinations shown

customization of the transcript is VERY important for individual colleges. We have unique needs. Your transcript template is VERY basic and many things are missing. This is one EASY improvment. It looks as though you have already added additonal combinations of the fields as they are not in any order and have various combinations.

  • Christine Adams
  • Sep 15 2023
Employee Name Christine Adams
User IT Admin
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  • Lee Matteson commented
    13 Oct, 2023 01:22pm

    I agree as well. I have an issue with the start date not being accurate; field pulls the date the candidate became a student rather than the first day of attending classes. It would be helpful to have both the enrollment date and a start date for education verification purposes down the road.

  • Guest commented
    20 Sep, 2023 02:14pm

    I agree, if this is just a simple string replacer, why not allow users to set up the tags themselves like in emails and other notifications where you can plug in selected fields?