Pushpage and Notification Reports

I am requesting a report or a List Option or a List that allows us to see who is NOT subscribed to Notifications. Also there is a report under User Management Notifications > My Notification Subscriptions but that shows who IS subscribed.

This would require us to make a list of ALL users and cross reference....having an option to see who is NOT in one place without that extra step would be great.

Also, I would like a Report or a List that allows them to see Who is NOT subscribed to Notifications and Pushpages. We know currently there is a way to see who has opted out of a pushpage via a basic list. There is a report under User Management Notifications My Notification Subscriptions, but that shows who IS subscribed.
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  • Aug 11 2015
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  • Amy Bresslour commented
    8 Sep, 2022 08:56pm

    I'm hearing from families that they haven't recieved messages in months. When I check, it seems that BB just stopped sending message out. It would be great if we had the ability to run a report to see the last message sent and opened to better understand if this is an individual blip or a more wide-spread challenge.

  • Angela Addison commented
    10 Sep, 2021 03:08pm

    Hi folks, we're hoping to be able to do this for notifications at least in our Notification EAP that is in progress. We would end up looking at pushpage needs under a different initiative but happy to say we'll at least be solving for this for notifications.

  • Priscilla Lopez commented
    12 Oct, 2020 08:09pm

    It would be ideal to have an opted out list since we get many complaints that "I didn't get that email". I can see them only through Distribution Lists. Student's have even opted-out of "Bulk Emails" even when tell them not to. If this can also be found in class rosters so teachers, coaches etc can see which parents and students have not opted in and know that these parents will not a notification because they have not opted in and they/we can email the parent/students to tick the box. Students really shouldn't be given the option to opt-out. Allowing us bulk opt-in and out helps when we have our own opt-in form as well.

  • Tracy Dodge commented
    11 Oct, 2017 07:31pm

    i'd like more fields in the report - grade level or class year  for student subscriber. and WHO sent the notification or which  class it was connected to.

  • Jim Robb commented
    30 Aug, 2016 04:25am


    I tried to build a list or advanced list to see who was receiving pushpages after a date, and there were noe appropriate objects available from which to build the list.

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