Merge Users Option (outside of Potential Duplicates area)

I would like to be able to Merge Users outside of Potential Duplicates. (Ex. going to the user's profile, clicking "Merge User" and selecting another user to merge in to).

There are cases where our duplicates either do not show in duplicate users, or someone marked to keep the accounts separate when they should have been merged, and there are issues when either of these happens where they can't manually move the information (for example, user 1 has an Inquiry on their profile, and user 2 has a started application - but they are the same user. This cannot be manually transferred).
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  • Aug 12 2015
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  • Cristina Conciatori commented
    7 Oct 08:34pm

    How has this been up for 8 year and there has been no update or anything? Blackbaud, we need an update this.

  • Chrystalle Kiefer commented
    4 Oct 11:17am

    This is critical!! I just came across two users this morning alone that weren't in the potential duplicate area, but were obviously duplicates! You have this capability in Raiser's Edge, why is it not in core? The merging of duplicates should be set up similar to RE NXT where you can choose who to merge and exactly what should be brought over. You also have the capability of choosing the target record....these are all SO important!!

  • Carissa Goddard commented
    18 Sep 01:47pm

    Still waiting for this to happen.

  • Heather Brown commented
    7 Sep 04:30pm

    Can you imagine how much easier our lives could be if this idea was implemented!?

  • john ronan commented
    15 Dec, 2022 06:37pm

    Any update here?

    This seems like low-hanging fruit. The hard part is already done. Just give us a little bit of UI to choose two records to merge.

    The payback would be HUGE! We spend a crazy amount of time dealing with duplicate records that somehow slipped by the magic "Manage potential duplicate users" screen.

    Ditto on the ability to choose which credentials to maintain in the resultant record.

  • Danielle Keeney commented
    12 Dec, 2022 01:07pm

    I would love to see a feature similar to RE (both db and web view) where you select the two records that you know are duplicates and then determine which data needs to be transferred to the "master" record which will become the new record.

    Including the ability to choose login credentials is critical. A separate idea is located at for it. With how the record merge (either through core or through an admission application or inquiry processing) keeps the older login information. That is backwards to the reality that most of our admission duplicates are people who inquired or applied at some time in the past and don't realize that they are in the system or no longer know their credentials. In most cases the older login has been disabled because they are Parent of Past Candidate. It has the potential for a bad parent/customer experience for the user if the person merging the accounts forgets to go back and update the credentials accordingly.

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    29 Nov, 2022 02:02pm

    If you are updating the merge duplicate tool, I would love to see the ability to choose which username/login with a check box. We have alums, most of whom have disabled logins and legacy accounts, that lose their newly created blackbaud ID when we merge the record because we have no way to choose the new login information.

  • Samantha Ruscio commented
    25 Oct, 2022 02:14pm

    As we are nearing the end of 2022, has there been any progress on this? I spend an incredible amount of time manually moving files, notes, etc over to one record so I can delete the other duplicate record. Thank you!

  • Carissa Goddard commented
    7 Sep, 2022 03:08pm

    YES! We should be able to merge records that aren't showing up in the potential duplicate list because it definitely does NOT catch half of what I need merged. There should be a force merge option.

  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    27 Jun, 2022 05:37pm

    Hi Kelly, we are closer! We have this slated to be worked on toward the end of 2022. I don't have a lot of details yet, but as we get closer, I'll be sure to update the group.



  • Kelly Dewald commented
    27 Jun, 2022 05:05pm

    Are we any closer to a solution for this issue that affects all schools?

  • Stacey Sandvoss commented
    5 Jan, 2022 03:16pm

    Why is this taking so long to be implemented? I too have been spending a rediculous amount of time identifying and merging records that the Potential Duplicates tool does not recognize. I try all the 'fixes' recommended by the KB articles and have spent quite a bit of time on support chat's but not really getting the help that is needed for this issue. The difficulties with manually transferring vital data is also a piece of the problem. If two records cannot be merged, some of the information cannot be transferred accurately which prevents us from deleting the duplicate record and risk losing vital data.

  • Kathleen Steinman commented
    14 Oct, 2021 12:59pm

    I've been spending a ridiculous amount time identifying and merging records that BB isn't recognizing as duplicates. Please give the users a way to manually select records to be merged. At the very least expand the fields on which you identify potential duplicates such as date of birth. You're missing so many potential duplicates and we then have to manually merge them which is incredibly time consuming. It's happening here nearly daily and that kind of wasted time is time we're not doing more important work like filling the school.

  • Jess Moxley commented
    7 Oct, 2021 09:29pm

    Oooof. Nothing like seeing a fantastic idea sit in the ideas portal for over 5 years. :(

  • Brian LeBlanc commented
    24 Aug, 2021 03:34pm

    We're now six years into this and still don't have this option. This is absolutely necessary to keep a clean database. Please implement this!

  • Cristina Conciatori commented
    28 May, 2021 06:17pm

    this was suggested over 5 years ago.....we need this to happen. You can do it in RE, so you should be able to do it here too!

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    4 Sep, 2020 09:11pm

    Even if there was a way to flag records to be included (or re-included in the case of "leave records sparate" being pressed incorrectly) in the "Potential Duplciates" area would be helpful

  • Kelly Dewald commented
    20 Aug, 2020 02:18pm

    Are they any updates on implementing a manual merge feature? As others have stated, we have many duplicates that aren't flagged by the algorithm and we really need the ability to merge them ourselves.

  • Karin Kennedy commented
    10 Oct, 2019 01:17pm

    I literally just got off the phone over this. So frustrating! It's incredibly inefficient to have to do all the workarounds to delete a second user in enrollment management. Makes it very hard to track their admissions process which is often over more than one year.

  • john ronan commented
    7 May, 2019 01:32pm

    It has been awhile.

    Can we get some status?

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