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Free-standing school forms that can be "grabbed" as needed Merged

While it's great to be able to push school forms out to students and parents when the situation calls for it, we frequently have situations where we need a repository of "free-standing" forms (no push-out) required, where users can go in and fill out a form that they need at any time.

Example: We'd like to have a transcript request form available to all seniors/senior parents, which our registrar can access to process the request. Students need transcripts at various times throughout the year. Instead of contacting the registrar and asking her to push the form out to them (an extra step that's a real hassle), we'd love to have, say, a resource board called "forms", where we've listed forms like the one I described, where a student could pop in, click the link, fill out the form, and be done.

I realized using custom forms (and putting this on the school website) is a workaround, but custom forms are so onerous to use--really outdated technology--and I'm not crazy about having our forms out from behind a password-protected community.

I'm currently using Google forms to build this. But it sure seems like an obvious thing for Blackbaud to provide.

  • Shannon Lowe
  • Oct 1 2020
  • Candi Roberts commented
    24 Feb, 2022 05:11pm

    I need this, too! I need withdrawal forms and records request forms available for parents to access as easily as they access an application. It would be great if school forms also gave a link that could be added to the resource board in the same way.