[Entering Grade] placeholder to not include division of school

When communicating with our prospective families, it is a little odd to inform them that their child has, for example, been accepted into our "Pre-K 2 - Lower School." To them, it would make much more sense to have it read "Pre-K 2." I encountered this with a recent official note I was trying to send. Including the division title makes it far less personal, which is not helpful. I wish the [Entering Grade] placeholder would just include that Entering Grade information - not which division they are joining! 

  • Sara Kerney
  • Aug 7 2018
  • Implemented
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  • Arjun Shah commented
    28 Feb, 2019 08:38pm

    They should have two different options. Entering Grade can include the division, but at least provide another tag that will just show the grade. It is just strange for an Applicant's email to include the division when sending an acceptance or denial letter. 

  • William Ushler commented
    25 Sep, 2018 04:03pm

    I am 100% on board with changing it back as well. We are all about personalizing but this change removes that and comes across as auto-generated, which official notes should not come across as. Please change back!

  • Nathalie Miller commented
    11 Sep, 2018 06:11pm

    I agree 100% with Sara. Plus, it's very odd that this would have been changed with a summer update to the software. I do not recall seeing anyone requesting such a change.