Add fields to the Committee Review template, and pending notification banner for faculty

We love the Committee Review feature in the admissions area, but the fields are very limited. We would like the ability to add additional short answer text boxes, or at the very least, a customized prompt right before the narrative review text box so we can remind staff what information we need them to provide.

We would also appreciate the character limit to be increased for the narrative review text box. The knowledgebase article says it can handle 2000 characters, but when I tested it, it cut off at 1000.

Once we have assigned a teacher to a committee, it would be great if, upon login, they had a yellow banner at the top of their page saying they have a pending review, just like they do when they have an outstanding school form. Or perhaps next to the committee review button, a small red notification indicating something needs their attention - any kind of visual to remind them to open the committee review page.

  • Claire Broadway
  • Oct 9 2019
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