Allow Candidate Families To Request Transcripts Via The Checklist

Many independent schools do not allow families to upload their own transcript files for admission. We currently use the Recommendation step type and have reworked it so that families can use it to request recommendations from schools and have them sent directly to us. However, this means that in order to have the transcripts attached to current school records, our Admissions team must manually download and re-upload them into the candidate record. This also causes complications when we use things like the Committee Review feature because transcripts and recommendations are mixed together.

It would be fantastic to have a Request Transcripts step type that functions like the Recommendation step, but maps the submitted file to the transcript rather than the recommendations.

  • Jess Moxley
  • Oct 8 2021
  • Planned
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  • Bryan Lorenzo commented
    23 May, 2023 11:09am

    When implemented, please add the functionality to both Admissions Checklists and Student Checklists by the time you need the final transcript for the admissions cycle, the Candidate is likely in the Incoming Student role, and the parent no longer has access to the Admissions Progress.

  • Chrystalle Kiefer commented
    4 Nov, 2022 05:51pm

    This is extremely important! Schools should not have to print student records and mail them. Emailing these files is not safe and shouldn't happen. Schools should be able to securely upload the student files (and multiple ones, not just one). We are also using a work around with the recommendations, but this is not an effective solution. If you can do it for recommendations, it should be easy for you to set it up for transcripts as well.