We need a clean data report that includes the scope of Admissions

It is very frustrating to report on our enrollment status in Blackbaud. I have to create lists for candidates and lists for contracts (since they aren't on speaking terms/the information can't be collected for both in one list). I have to create my own "enrollment dashboard" to give us real, accurate numbers for each grade level to know how many of our students have re-enrolled, how many have not yet, how many applications are in process, how many students have been accepted and of those, how many have enrolled and how many are still pending, as well as how many are on a waiting list. We also need to compare that to our capacity for each grade level and have totals of enrolled and potential enrolled. Our previous system gave us a simple report that we could view and easily get this information. I am attaching a screen shot. Clicking on any of the blue numbers would give me a simple roster so I would know exactly which students that included. Instead, I am having to import lists daily, create pivot tables, then add the data to a google spreadsheet for my head of school. I have attached a screen shot of that as well. I have looked at the analysis and taken the class for Insight Designer. None of those reports come close to creating what is needed and should be so simple. PLEASE HELP!!! Even your "category" options below won't let me select both candidates and contracts, nor a general admissions/enrollment. The information is more fluid than your hard lines.

  • Candi Roberts
  • Apr 18 2022
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  • Priscilla Lopez commented
    13 Feb, 2023 08:13pm

    We also have a ton of Contracts list counts per Grade, per category I just mentions, per Contract status, per hold and not returing. Can we just have a nice dashboard. Also we have to filter by contract list type. We have so many list types because they system doesn't allow up to just of one contract type of Boarding International, Boarding Domestic, Boarding In-state (Early Decision, Mid-Year, Current Semester). These alone we have to 9 differnt Contract types.

  • Priscilla Lopez commented
    13 Feb, 2023 08:11pm

    I concur. We have a similiar report as yours also broken down into categories of Boarding International, Boarding Domestic, Boarding In-State, Remissions and Day students per grade per Rising Admissions Year and per current school year. Our Opening Day of school also plays a big role as we look at who left before Opening Day and why, who left after Opening Day and why. It's frustrating to not have this in our systems readily available.

  • Jennifer Lawner commented
    9 Jan, 2023 04:00pm

    100%. This is the most basic thing that you would need to undertand where you stand with regard to admissions/reenrollment. W

    e have to build our own dashboard using advanced lists. I love that the data is available in an advanced list -- it gives us the freedom to look at the data however we need -- but this topic is so very basic and it surpises me that it is not already a part of the system.

  • Ash Smelkinson commented
    21 Apr, 2022 01:15pm

    I am still trying to find a way to recreate the old KPI boards- ideally with breakdowns by grade.

  • Brian LeBlanc commented
    18 Apr, 2022 08:13pm

    Agreed - in general, there is too much of a wall between admissions and enrollment, especially when dealing with Incoming Students. Admissions and enrollment are two sides of the same mirror, and it seems like it shouldn't be necessary for schools to need to data dump into external spreadsheets to view data when it could be visible on a basic dashboard within EMS.