Mark Waived items as Waived, not Completed

Currently, if a checklist item is Waived, it shows as Completed on the parent view. This has caused much confusion to many parents. An item is waived if it does not pertain to the student, and it showing completed makes it seem like the item has been submitted, reviewed, and now complete, like all other items the parent has actually uploaded. This is especially important when an item is temporarily waived, and then needs to be requested from the parent at a later time.

  • Angie St. Pierre
  • Oct 20 2022
  • Implemented
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    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    15 Aug, 2023 09:57pm

    Hello! A quick update to let you know that we have changed the status for some checklist step types so that they show "Waived" for parents/candidates instead of showing "Completed". The types that have been updated are types that typically allow uploads, like age verification, tests, family photo, and misc. files. These will still show the blue checkmark to the left of the step, but the status indicator to the right will now say Waived instead of Completed.

    Kelsey Huijgen, Product Manager

  • Amanda Polson commented
    13 Aug, 2023 12:35am

    If the item is a form, the form also needs to show as waived in the Files and Forms section (or completed if the checklist item is marked completed).

  • Karla McNamee commented
    27 Jan, 2023 01:21pm

    We really need this to happen. It is confusing to parents to see an item "completed" on their checklist that they know they didn't submit!

  • Ash Smelkinson commented
    25 Oct, 2022 12:02pm

    This was added as an idea on August 27th, October 8th, and possibly other times as well. Each suggestion has received votes in the double digits. Could they please be combined? This would be a very helpful feature.

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