Ability to Add Multiple Fees on the New Event Registration Form

I'm working on developing an event registration form, and there is only 1 place to input a fee amount, but I have 2 fees that attendees need to pay. The first fee is per person for attendees, and the second fee is per t-shirt they order to receive at the event. Is there a way you can add in a second or third fee function to my form/registration process that I'm building? In the new registration form feature, it has the Fee built right into the payment block settings instead of as a registration item that can be added. Please make it possible to add multiple fees into the new event registration process. We may need to be able to add multiple fees for attendees, t-shirts, meals, etc. at events. Thanks!!! :)

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  • Jan 6 2023
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  • Tamara Photiadis commented
    18 Jan 02:23pm

    similar idea: K12OB-I-2715 -- vote there too!

  • Kevin McShane commented
    18 Dec, 2023 05:04pm

    We agree. We need a charge per registration option.

  • Anna Landry commented
    14 Nov, 2023 04:08pm

    Agree! We need to charge a fee PER registration option. That way, someone who signs up for only one registration option should be charged less than someone who signs up for multiple options.

    (In our case, we offer a series of workshops that each have a fee so the final amount that a family needs to pay should be based on how many of the workshops a family registers for).

  • Paul L. commented
    7 Sep, 2023 01:28pm

    Same need. I am trying to rebuild our HS Placement Test registration that has multiple registration items, that each have unique fee.