Application: Conditional Questions

In NetCommunity, you can show or hide questions based on responses. For example, if you answer "Yes" to having been hospitalized for behavioral issues, we can reveal a bunch of other questions that we typically wouldn't show to someone who answered "no."

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  • Sep 22 2015
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  • Ash Smelkinson commented
    18 Sep, 2019 11:55am

    This idea was merged and marked as "implemented," but my understanding is that logic only applies to custom candidate questions, not to the issue of getting partial household information.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    18 Sep, 2019 11:22am

    Hi All, you can now apply conditional logic on all custom candidate questions within the custom questions block. To see this add the block to the inquiry or application and open block settings. 


    thank you,


  • Nadia Cone commented
    16 Jan, 2019 07:18pm

    This would be a huge improvement. I'm excited about using School Forms since the data feeds into the database, but we use conditionals in JotForm all the time, which is also tremendously useful, so it will be a hard call about what to move over from JotForm until this is a feature.  It's discouraging to see how long a history this request has, though, without being implemented even though it's under consideration.

  • Gregg commented
    13 Nov, 2018 11:36pm

    Please don't limit this to applications, it should be added to all forms!

  • Dawn Rossi commented
    17 Jan, 2018 08:02pm

    Yes, please! Conditional logic is a given on form building platforms such as Jotform. I have a lot of forms that I've build in JF that I can't move over to BB due to this. We'd love to have our parents be able to stay within the BB system as much as possible.

  • Jill McClelland commented
    27 Jul, 2017 09:10pm

    This would be such a helpful improvement to take into account the many variables of family dynamics. 

  • Kim LaVanchy commented
    26 Jul, 2017 08:15pm

    Agree with above, plus families come in so many shapes and sizes, with a variety of relationships. We would love to have the conditional questions be responsive and allow for more flexibility for a family with a complicated family situation.

  • Cynthia Addison commented
    28 Sep, 2015 05:40pm

    Conditional questions would be a great improvement in all of the communication/forms areas.