Ability to Charge a Credit Card Processing Fee

If we allow people to pay by credit card, we want to charge them a convenience fee and we want it show on the contract for those paying with a credit card, but not for those who are not paying with a credit card.

  • Mike Lyons
  • Oct 23 2015
  • Under consideration
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  • Sandy Sutty commented
    11 Sep 05:22pm

    Please add ASAP.

  • Cristina Conciatori commented
    2 Feb 11:49pm

    We have just been increasing the price of whatever we are charging by about 3% to cover the cost of the processing fee. It would be so much easier if it was just an option to click a button. Plus we don't use Billing Managment so it would be great if this could be for anyone who collects money via BBMS.

  • Joshua Blice commented
    2 Feb 07:53pm

    Do you have to use both, Enrollment Management and Billing Management? This is not showing as an option for me. We only use Tuition Managment.

  • Admin
    Julia Meseck commented
    2 Feb 07:08pm

    For schools using Enrollment Management + Billing Management, this has been implemented. When configuring the deposit block, there is an option to add the Billing Management credit card fee to enrollment deposit (and enrollment fees) paid for with credit card.

  • Donald Brouwer commented
    26 Jan 05:19pm

    This needs to be added ASAP, why would we have the ability to charge a convenience fee on credit card payments made through billing management but don't have the ability to charge this on forms or contracts? This is costing us a substantial amount of BBMS fees that we don't have a way to recover given the way our re-enrollment contracts/deposits are set up.

  • josceline reardon commented
    5 Dec, 2022 03:54pm

    In addition, we just found out that EFT does not check for available funds when the contract is submitted, but only that the parent entered the account information correctly. So we end up with students enrolled and then 3-4 days later find out they parent bounced the deposit. The ability to pay with a credit card and charge the fee would work much better. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Troy Burki commented
    22 Nov, 2022 03:17pm

    This is a crucial update that needs to happen ASAP, particularly with the upcoming rate increases for BBMS/Payment Services. Currently we are only accepting ACH transfers because of the (previously) flat rate charge of $0.75 but now even this is not going to be possible with the change to a variable amount based on the charge.

  • Alicia Kerber commented
    26 Jul, 2022 05:55pm

    Please add this option!! Our old system that we utilized for online payments had this option and it worked smoothly with our payment process. It is a step back for us to not have this option, but desire to have the integration of BBMS with our enrollment management program.

  • Guest commented
    26 Apr, 2022 06:19pm

    Please add this option. Vital to integrating accounting and enrollment.

  • Christine Mauer commented
    7 Dec, 2021 07:40pm

    Please add this option! I see it's been 6 years since this idea was originally posted. I echo the comments on July 11 2019.

  • Tasia Weatherly commented
    7 Feb, 2020 06:37pm

    Please add this!

  • Guest commented
    11 Jul, 2019 03:38pm

    Please add the option to charge credit card processing fees in the OnSuite products, similar to the current option in the Blackbaud Student Billing Online Express Bill Payment portal.  Our families are accustomed to this charge when paying by credit card and the inability to incorporate this into the set-up for any new OnSuite school form requiring a payment feels like a step backwards for us.  Sounds like we are not alone based on the comments posted below.  Please incorporate this for all of us, so that we can continue to have this option for credit card payments.  Thanks!

  • Guest commented
    11 Oct, 2018 04:25pm

    This really needs to be addressed and added. I was just told by BBMS and ON that it is under consideration but I just looked at the date and it is 3 years old.

  • Guest commented
    15 Feb, 2018 01:54pm

    This is a real fail on the part of the system.  This needs to be fixed ASAP - the idea has been posted for three years and needs to be addressed ASAP.  

  • Kendall Pillsbury commented
    11 Jan, 2017 09:32pm

    It would really be helpful to have the option of charging the finance fee on the front end of the contract and not have to go back and do at a later date. Please make this upgrade to this system.'

  • Guest commented
    4 Jan, 2017 09:49pm

    It is common for non-profits to offer donors the option of covering the credit card processing fee. PLEASE incorporate this feature in the Giving form fields so we can be fiscally responsible. Thank you!

  • Jill McGee commented
    20 Apr, 2016 04:53pm

    We would love for OnBoard to include Credit Card processing for re-enrollment deposits and new enrollment deposits.  Our current tuition portal allows them, and our parents can't understand why they can pay regular tuition payments with a credit card, but not their deposit.  Below is the wording we use on our other tuition portal:

    We are pleased to offer this easy and secure online payment system as a convenient way for families to make electronic payments for tuition and fees.

    Four different electronic payment methods are accepted:

    • NEW: MasterCard credit cards are assessed a promotional service fee of 1.49%.
    • Other credit card brands are assessed a service fee of 2.75% on tuition-related payments.
    • Debit cards are assessed a service fee of 0.95% on tuition-related payments.
    • ACH (eCheck) payments are also accepted.
  • Kathy Jones commented
    12 Feb, 2016 12:22am

    Does anyone that voted on this have language they are using currently to get around this?  Our plan is to bill the parents the processing fee on their next bill...we are under the gun and I could really use some help! We are brand new with this product and just found out that we could not do this...re-enrollment contracts go out Tuesday...thank you in advance for sharing any language!

    Kathy Jones

    Director of Admission


  • Guest commented
    12 Feb, 2016 12:22am

    I would be interested in hearing ways that other schools are dealing with this issue when it comes to verbiage in contracts.

  • Guest commented
    5 Jan, 2016 07:11pm

    This feature is almost a necessity for us.  Simply by allowing families to pay by credit card, we take a huge hit financially.  We are aware that this is the "cost of doing business" but your system should be adjustable to allow for coverage of those losses.

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