Show dismissal time for a student/ athlete for practice/ games when a teacher looks at attendance for a class that overlaps for same student/athlete.

When an athlete's team obligation overlaps with another schedule obligation, I would like for the teacher/advisor recording attendance to have a notification in the attendance section by the student's name. This would be ideal for dismissal times etc, as the 'start time' is not always adequate notice.

If pre-filled attendance reasons could be configured to populate in response to such an overlap, that would be even better.

  • Joe St.Clair
  • Aug 19 2019
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  • Adrian S. commented
    21 Apr, 2023 08:48pm

    This would be a huge life saver! If we wanted to go a step further, I would recommend that teachers could get emails when a practice/grame dissmisal time overlaps with their class and have functionality in the system to approve or deny those absences so our Athletic department can know if a teacher has been notified and a student wouldn't be missing important tests.

  • Andres Azofeifa commented
    19 Jul, 2021 11:01pm

    Could this be considered a duplicate of the idea if so please merge the ideas