Attendance Per Class vs. Per Period, Per Day

It would be very helpful for our attendance set-up to add a new method of record that would tally absences and tardies per class vs. per period or per day.  When a student reaches 5 Unexcused Tardy entries in a particular class it could trigger certain consequences....same with 5 Unexcused Absences. 

Currently the only method close is per period, but if a student misses one day of school it assigns a consequence because that is 7 periods...when we want 5 Unexcused Absences in individual classes to tally and generate consequences.  (Ex:  5 UA in English 9-1st Period, 5 US in Honors Chem-6th period)

  • Cera Marsh
  • Nov 5 2019
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  • Amanda Brown commented
    28 Sep, 2023 01:35pm

    I am completely shocked that this is not basic functionality! Attendance/Conduct Managers of any Upper School setting have to manually manage this due to this functionality not being designed. Please, please, please correct this ASAP!

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    14 Jun, 2023 02:44pm

    Our school also has a policy that a detention is issued if a student is tardy to the same class three or more times. Currently the system can automatically issue a conduct infraction after three tardies total across all classes but not per the same class. Therefore, it generates a tremendous number of false positives, since our conduct manager has to manage all of this manually.

  • Spencer Rogers commented
    14 Feb, 2023 04:25pm

    I was genuinely shocked to find this wasn't already a thing built into the system. It seems like it should be a basic part of attendance tracking. Please add this ASAP.

  • Guest commented
    10 Dec, 2022 12:18am

    This is deeply needed!

  • Jason Bourne commented
    28 Apr, 2022 05:29pm

    The conduct system records the tardy entries along with class section and date and does already filter by term. It would help our teachers and student life office, who must manually track these digital entries in the conduct system, if the cumulative conduct events could also filter/trigger by class section as well as by term.

  • Ted Parker commented
    15 Dec, 2021 07:06pm

    This is the most glaring disconnect between Blackbaud attendance and our systems. 72 votes is awfully popular! What's the plan, Blackbaud?

  • Cera Marsh commented
    5 May, 2020 07:30pm

    Addressing attendance per class allows us to more quickly identify if a particular student is missing a particular class more frequently. Currently attendance consequences are very hard to do automatically in the system, we have to do a lot manually because the system won't calculate what we need.

  • Guest commented
    15 Jan, 2020 08:07pm

    We definitely need this in order to give reports on attendance and tardies to our Deans who give out consequences for a certain number of tardies per class or academic consequences for too many absences.

  • Guest commented
    22 Nov, 2019 01:35am

    Major issue for any school  which calculates attendance at the class/period level! Could also be an adjustment to the current period count in that it would only count at most one period per day.

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